Collection: Block flooring

Do you need an appealing packaging for confectionery, baked goods, tea or spices?
That is why block floor bags are the perfect solution

Should the filling material be presented particularly appealing? That is why our block floor bags are just the thing!

Present the filling material in a wide variety of variants, dimensions and colors.

Due to the simple filling, the standing floor opens automatically and also fine -ground things always stays in the bag - because thanks to the welded (instead of glued) seams, our block floor bag is absolutely tight - crumbs.


Block floor bags are an eye -catcher:

  • Of course, food law
  • Large selection of different versions
  • Block flooring are stable for the perfect presentation
  • Easy filling saves valuable time
  • appealing presentation of the filling goods in displays, shelves oä.

Our Block flooring Are welded, not glued. On the one hand, this achieves an absolute density (crumbs), on the other hand, no adhesive remains or damps can escape.

How do you close a block floor bag?

Our block floor bags can be easily welded after filling.
Or you close the bag with the right clips. Our are particularly suitable Clip straps or U-clipsewhich under Accesories can be found.
This ensures that the goods are appealing, safe and properly packaged.


FAQ to block floor bags

What are block floor bags and what are they suitable for?

Block floor bags are packaging bags with an integrated standing floor, which is why they are particularly suitable for confectionery, baked goods, tea or spices. Block floor bags enable a very appealing presentation of the content and are available in different variations, dimensions and colors.


What is the advantage of a block floor bag compared to other packaging bags?

Block floor bags are stable and the simple filling is a time saving. Block floor bags are absolutely tight (crumbs) because the seams are welded and not glued.

Can a block floor bag also be designed individually?

Yes, in the course of a special production, one can be manufactured by individual desired dimensions. In the course of this, the block floor bag can also be designed individually and can also be printed with a logo or contents.


Are we locked a block floor bag?

Block floor bags can be simply welded after filling. Suitable clips, such as clip straps or U-clipse, are often used for closing. You can find both clips in the area of ​​accessories.


What is the difference between welded and glued seams in blocked floor bags?

Our block floor bags have welded seams, which on the one hand achieves an absolute tightness of the bag and at the same time no adhesive has to be used, so no adhesive residues or vapors can escape.