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Looking for a nice packaging with aroma protection valve? With our coffee bag, freshly ground freshly remains

Coffee bags keep aromatic ground coffee fresh

The Coffee bag, also known as a quadbag, is an aroma -protecting bag with aroma protection valve.

This bag is particularly suitable for freshly ground coffee, which means that the Coffee bag also gets its name. However, any other fillings are of course also conceivable.

Coffee bags are easy to use

Due to its design, the Coffee bag After filling a stable floor and the content is presented safely and shapely.

After filling, this bag can be simply welded or with e.g. Clip band Close appealingly.

Coffee bags are available in different colors and dimensions, because an appealing packaging underlines the high -quality content.


FAQ to coffee bags

What are coffee bags and what are your own?

Coffee bags, also known as a quadbag, are packaging bags with an aroma protection valve. As a result, coffee bags are particularly suitable for keeping freshly ground coffee fresh for a long time. However, they are also suitable for all other fillings and are available in different colors and absences.


What is the advantage of the aroma protection valve in coffee bags?

The aroma protection valve in coffee bags ensures that the aroma of the coffee is preserved in the bag and remains protected from external influences.


How are coffee bags closed?

Coffee bags can be simply welded after filling thanks to the bag structure. However, clip band closures are also ideal for closing coffee bags.


Are coffee bags available in different variants?

Yes, there are coffee bags in different versions, colors and dimensions, so that the right bag is available for every need.


What are the advantages of coffee bags when storing coffee?

Coffee bags with aroma protection valve for packaging coffee are particularly well suited, as the content remains fresh for a long time. But also the stable design and the appealing execution underline the high quality of the content. In addition, handling such as filling is particularly easy.