Shipping policy

Our prices are shown net.
The law VAT, as well as packaging/shipping costs are added to the shopping cart.

  • Shipping costs are calculated depending on the target country and the total weight of your order.
  • From € 650 we send freely house within Germany.
  • Without a minimum order value
  • Without a minor surcharge

Packing and shipping costs are incurred per shipment (approx. 30kg each).
The maximum possible number of packages are summarized into one shipment in order to keep the shipping costs as low as possible.

For deliveries the next day we offer you the option of express deliveries.

 Lan Pack/shipping costs
Germany Germany
€ 5.99 per program
Germany Islands Supplement € 13 per shipment
Germany EXPRESS € 24.99 per program. Without islands.
Delivery within 1-2 working days, depending on the order input.
If your goods are not in stock, standard shipping will take place.
Germany Switzerland 29,99 €
Austria Austria 19,99 €
Italy Italy 24,99 €
Spain Spain 29,99 €
Belgium  Belgium 29,99 €
Luxembourg  Luxembourg 29,99 €
Czech Republic  Czech Republic 29,99 €
Denmark Denmark 29,99 €
Finland Finland 29,99 €
Hungary Hungary 29,99 €
Italy  Italy (without islands) 29,99 €
Netherlands  Netherlands (without islands) 29,99 €
Poland  Poland 29,99 €
Portugal  Portugal (mainland) 29,99 €
Sweden Sweden 29,99 €
Liechtenstein  Liechtenstein 29,99 €
Monaco  Monacco 29,99 €
Norway  Norway 39,99 €
Other countries on request.

The currently very tense situation in the area of ​​sea freight also means in our industry that urgently expected deliveries are in arrears.
Despite the large camp, there was a few sales.
We will inform you about the order confirmation about the expected broadcast date.

If you have chosen express delivery, we will send the immediately available goods via Express and may deliver subsequent deliveries free of charge as soon as possible.

Thank you for your understanding.