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Adhesion lock bag LDPE

Adhesion lock bag LDPE


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Breite x Höhe in mm
Die angegebene Abmessung bezieht sich auf den reinen Beutelinhalt, zzgl. der Lasche

- Materialstärke: LDPE, 50µ
- Lebensmittelecht
- Transparent
- mit LDPE-Logo

LDPE adhesion lock bag - with self -adhesive tab

  • Without air hole
  • Transparent
  • Unexpectedly
  • With PE logo on the bag
  • With a reversible glue cap
  • Grocery

Adhesion lock bag - The packaging bag with a beveled tab and adhesive strip.

A Adhesion lock bag is ideal for protecting e.g. cards, documents or their brochures.

At aAdhesion lock bag If it is almost a flat bag, supplemented by a self -adhesive tab (similar to a letter kubert) for closing.

The content of a Adhesion lock bag remains protected after closing and can be easily examined without damaging or dirtying the content.

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