description for ziplock bags

description for ziplock bags

Our ziplock bags made of high-pressure polyethylene (LDPE) can be opened and resealed as often as you like.
This makes a ziplock bag particularly economical and environmentally friendly, as content can be adapted to your needs at any time without having to damage the packaging.

The PE logo is printed continuously on the upper edge.

We are pleased to issue a declaration of conformity for our food-safe ziplock bags. Please inform us if necessary already during the order, afterwards this can unfortunately not be issued.


Our ziplock bags are available in a variety of sizes in the 50μ or extra-strong 90μ.

Please also choose whether you want the standard version, 3 white labeling fields or your bag for easy presentation of your goods should be provided with a Euro-hole punching or with a round hole in highly transparent PP plastic.

By default, there are 1,000 bags in each sales unit (VKE). 
Deviations from this can be found in the item description after you have selected your desired dimension.


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