PLA - Biologisch abbaubare Beutel - wie geht das?

Pla - biodegradable bag - how does that work?

For a short time you have also found biodegradable packaging bags from PLA - but how does it work?

Biologically degradable packaging bag from PLA

The topic of environmental protection and packaging bags are often controversial, but you cannot look at it as general.

In addition to reusable bags or those made of recycled material, plastics can now be produced that are biodegradable and yet contain the properties of previously known packaging bags.

But what is Pla?

The abbreviation PLA stands for polylactid, colloquially, PLA is also referred to as polym milk acids.

PLA is one of the category of synthetic polymers because PLA is artificially produced in the laboratory. Unlike conventional plastic, PLA is one of the so-called "organic plastics" because it is produced on the basis of renewable raw materials.

PLA consists of corn starch and lactic acid and thereby fulfills the criterion of renewable biomass. The structure of PLA is biodegradable and compostable.


Is there all packaging bags biodegradable?

The production of new bags of biodegradable quality is lengthy and associated with many requirements - rightly so.

Only when a new product meets our requirements for a packaging bag that complies with the prescribed requirements for food and strength, only then can we have the product checked by an independent laboratory. And if this test is positive, we will include such a product for you in our range.

This is a lengthy process.
However, you only get the highest quality from us - we can certify this through the declaration of conformity (objection certificate), which you can find for download on our website

But to answer your question now - we are continuously expanding our range of biodegradable PLA packaging bags and are offering an ever greater variety of biodegradable packaging bags.

How do I find PLA packaging bags?

To make the search for the right PLA packaging bag easy, we have created a separate category.
You can find this under the organic bag tab.

In addition, we have also assigned the PLA bag to the respective categories, e.g. You can also find PLA printing lock bags in the category of pressure lock bags.

Many of our customers can be informed about our newsletter and therefore learn first when we include new products in our range.
Make it like many others and best agree.

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