Collection: Crossbod

Would you like to stage conflicts, chocolates, cookies or small gifts?
Therefore, the cross -floor bag is optimal for you ...

The focus is cleverly directed to your contents with a cross -floor bag

Cross -floor bags are of course food -safe and therefore ideally suited to present cookies, chocolates, confectionery, tea, spices or similar in an attractive way.

When filling, the incorporated soil opens automatically. The highly transparent cross -floor bag presents the filling material standing - a real eye -catcher.

  • tearproof
  • Grocery
  • from Opp plastic and therefore highly transparent
  • Absolutely tight (crumbs)
  • Seal seam welded, not glued
  • Standproof through practical soil



Cross-floor bag- conspicuously inconspicuous

Since we are ours Crossbod Not gluing, but the sealing seam is welded, our cross -floor bag is absolutely dense (crumbs) and the food safeguard is not affected by possible adhesive residues.

Crossbod are particularly good for chocolates, tea, spices, herbs, pastries and much more.

Crossbod are made from maximum transparent OPP plastic, so that the focus always remains on the content.
The variant with gold stars are ideal for events such as birthdays, weddings or of course Christmas.

Crossbod are the right choice for a practical and elegant variant of the packaging.

The right ones Clipse for ourCrossbod we lead under Accesories.


FAQ via crossb floor bag

How are cross -floor bags closed?

Cross -floor bags can be welded. Most of the time, however, a U-clip that can be found under accessories is used for closing cross-floor bags.


What dimensions are available on crossbody bags?

In many different dimensions, we lead our cross -floor bags directly from warehouse, but individual desired dimensions can also be manufactured in the course of a custom -made production.


What contents are cross -floor bags particularly suitable for?

Our cross -floor bags are welded and not glued. As a result, these are absolutely dense (crumbs) and therefore very suitable for every content. The clever crossbard automatically unfolds when filling, so that the content is presented shapely. Food such as cookies, tea, spices and much more are often packed in cross -floor bags.


Are there any different versions of cross -floor bags?

We have transparent crossbodia bags and those printed with gold stars directly from warehouse. Both versions are available in different dimensions in order to always get the right bag. In the course of a special agreement, every further measure with or without an individual pressure can be manufactured.