CROSS BOTTOM BAG made of highly transparent OPP plastic

  • tear-resistant
  • Food-safe
  • made of OPP plastic and therefore highly transparent
  • absolutely tight (crumb-tight)
  • Sealed seam welded, not glued
  • stable due to practical floor

You want your content, such as .B cookies, chocolates, confectionery, tea, spices or similar. present particularly attractively?
With a KREUZBODENBEUTEL you can do this in a particularly practical and attractive way.

Kreuzbodenbeutel are made of highly transparent OPP plastic and thus focus on your packaged goods.
The practical bottom of our cross bottom bags unfolds during filling and you present your goods standing - a real eye-catcher.

CROSS BOTTOM BAGS are available unprinted or with beautiful golden stars

Since we have our KREUZBODENBEUTEL our cross-bottom bag is absolutely tight (crumb-tight) and the food fastness is not affected by possible adhesive residues.

Kreuzbodenbeutel are particularly suitable for chocolates, tea, spices, herbs, pastries and much more.m.

Under Accessories you will find the right clips for your KREUZBODENBEUTEL

Choose whether to use your Kreuzbodenbeutel transparent or already printed with golden stars. Especially for the Christmas season, but also for weddings, birthdays or the like, this pressure is very popular.

KREUZBODENBEUTEL are the right choice for a both practical and elegant version of packaging.