Collection: Pull locking bag

The advantages of a re -lockable bag paired with practical simplicity - this is our pull lock bag

The integrated white plastic slide can be one Pull locking bag Open and close as often as you like.

  • 100% LDPE plastic
  • Pull locking bag are suitable as a flight safety bag (recommended: 250x170mm)
  • For example, packing and protecting clothes securely
  • Grocery
  • White plastic slide for easy opening and locking

Pull locking bag - Here is canceled immediately

Our Pull locking bag Food law is therefore ideal for every content. The incorporated clip clip makes the contained print lock open and close.

use Pull locking bag For example, for protecting clothes or for stowing down liquids on your flight.

Since this onePull locking bag Open and closed as desired and free of destruction, this bag is also ideal for reuse. The picking falls with one Pull locking bag particularly light.

With us you will also find Pressure locking bag Without a pull closure.