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Pull-seal bags - the packaging bag with a twist

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The integrated white plastic slider makes it child's play to open and close a ZIP-LOCK BAG as you wish.

  • 100% LDPE plastic
  • ZIP-LOCK BAGS are suitable as flight safety bags (Recommended: 250x170mm)
  • e.g. to pack and protect clothing safely
  • food safe
  • white plastic slider for easy opening and closing

ZIP-LOCK BAG - here, postponed is equal to stored

Our ZIP-LOCK BAGS are food-safe and therefore suitable for any type of content. The integrated closure clip makes ZIP-LOCK BAGS particularly easy to open and close.

Use ZIP-LOCK BAGS, e.g. to protect clothing or to stow liquids as intended on your flight.

Since the ZIP-LOCK BAG can be opened and closed at will and non-destructively, this bag is also ideal for reuse. Picking is particularly easy with a ZIP-LOCK BAG.

Since ZIP-LOCK BAGS are readily used by your customers, you will be remembered in a favorable manner if, for example, you have your logo printed on the bag. Beutel-Shop24 is also the right contact for print and special orders.

Pull-seal bags are similar to a zip-seal bag, but have a locking clip.