OPP SIDE FOLD BAGS have a special sealing seam

Our highly transparent SIDE-FOLD BAGS with a sealed seam are not glued but welded. This gives you an absolutely leak-proof bag (crumb-proof) and completely eliminates any possibility of adhesive residue.

OPP SIDE-GUT BAGS with sealed seam are flexible

Thanks to the side gusset, the side gusset bag with sealed seam unfolds flexibly to accommodate the respective filling quantity. This allows the bag to adapt to your needs, not the other way around.

Due to the absolutely tight sealing seam, the SIDE-FOLD BAG is also ideal for finely ground contents such as coffee, tea or spices and offers protection against dust, moisture, etc.

OPP SIDE-FOLD BAGS with sealed seam - the clever way of packaging

Due to the clever folding, the SIDE-FOLD BAG with sealed seam only requires a small storage volume and only unfolds its true size when it is filled.

SIDE-FOLD BAGS with a sealed seam can be welded after filling, or simply closed with clip bands or U-clips. These clips are available from us under accessories.