Collection: Opp side lines

Present the content appealing?
Opp side lines are not only suitable for this ...

Opp side lines develop when filling - the flexible space miracle

The side fold develops theSide fold bags with a sealing seam Flexible to the respective filling quantity. As a result, the bag adapts to the needs and the filling quantity, not the other way around.

Why the OPP side lines is the right choice

Our high banners Side fold bags with a sealing seam are not glued, but welded. This creates an absolutely thick bag (crumbs) and completely excludes any possibility of any adhesive remains.

Due to the absolutely dense seal seam, theSidewallAlso suitable for finely ground content, such as coffee, tea or spices, and offers protection against any external influences, while the focus is only on the content presented due to the highly transparent plastic.

Opp side lines with a sealing seam - the clever type of packaging

Due to the clever folding, the Side fold bags with a sealing seamOnly a low lager volume and only unfolds its true size when filling.

Side fold bags with a sealing seam can be welded after filling or simply with Clip bands or U-clips close.

Dimensions: width x height