Collection: Opp flat bag

Present loose bulk goods in an appealing manner? Opp flat bags with a sealing seam are welded, not glued

Opp flat bags are suitable for every purpose

The content is presented particularly well here, because Opp flat bag are highly transparent. Thus, the focus remains on the spices, the tea, the herbs. Of course, OPP flat bags are food.

Absolutely tight - crumbs.
Opp flat bag are also designed for the finest content

The existing seal seam is welded and not glued. It is therefore excluded that any adhesive residues or damps Opp flat bags falsify and the quality remains as high as possible.

  • Bag strength 30µ
  • Grocery
  • High transparent (OPP)
  • unexpectedly
  • With a seal seam (glue -free)

We offer OPP flat bags in different dimensions to provide the right packaging bag for every need.
Our U-clipse as well as Clip band closures.

Dimensions: width x height