Collection: Pointed bags

A popular packaging for confectionery & Co? With a lace bag, not only foods are presented very appealing

Particularly loose are offered in a lace bag extremely handsome

Who does not know her? The treat from the fair, the bag full of confectionery in the swimming pool or a fine souvenir from the Christmas market?

The area of ​​application of Pointed bags is wherever loose goods are to be packed simple and clearly.

Perfect protection - transparency for all customers - the advantages ofPointed bagsAre unchanged

The advantage over paper bags is obvious. The customer sees in thesePointed bags Immediately what was packed here.

Pointed bags are also the perfect packaging for any bulk goods for damp or greasy content.

Of course arePointed bags Food law - We offer a certificate for download in the declarations of conformity.

There are suitable ones under accessories U-clipse For the simple closure of ourTop bags.

Dimensions: width (upper opening) x height