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Welcome to Beutel-Shop24
Your specialist retailer for packaging bags

The bag shop started as an idea to set up a small business. That was almost 10 years ago.

Since then a lot has happened. Changed a lot. Much has been adjusted. Needs and requirements have changed and we have recognized that.

And by striving to meet exactly these needs, YOUR needs, the shop has continued to grow.
The product range has increased and the available variants have multiplied.

In order to be able to offer fast shipping, we now have access to a well-stocked large warehouse in which many thousands of bags, sacks and foils are waiting for your call.

In order to obtain the best possible quality, the production facilities are regularly visited and requirements are coordinated. In addition, the products are checked by independent laboratories. In this way, you get the best possible quality and food-safe packaging bags in Beutel-Shop24. We certify this food safety through the declaration of conformity, which you can download on our website.

What's next
This question must be returned at this point. Then YOU determine how to proceed. What are your requirements, which products will you need in the future?
The demand changes constantly and the Beutel-Shop24 adapts to it.

Stand-up pouches, biodegradable materials - Beutel-Shop24
For example, we are currently able to add the first bag made of biodegradable materials to our range. And a few other biological bags are already in the starting blocks and are waiting for the "go" from laboratories and final tests, you will soon find these in our shop.
The online presence has also been completely revised so that you can find the bag you want as quickly as possible and your shopping experience is as enjoyable as possible.

So it will be interesting to see that some projects are in their final stages before the range is expanded again for you.
Other projects are still at the beginning. But the focus is always on one thing: YOU.

And that is exactly why there is in Beutel-Shop24:
- short delivery times thanks to the large warehouse
- customer-oriented prices
- without surcharge for small quantities
- without a minimum order value
- Security through SSL encryption

What can still be improved for you? Is something missing? Was everything great? What did you like in particular?
I am happy about any criticism.

Compare us - Beutel-Shop24.