Collection: Hose

Looking for individuality? A hose film adapts to the needs, not the other way round

A hose film is individual and very flexible

Depending on the need, the length of the Hose Simply selected yourself and optimally used to protect the content.

  • Choose flexible length yourself
  • Grocery
  • tearproof
  • weldable
  • 50µ or particularly stable 100µ

Whether small or large dimensions - with one Hose Use exactly the length you need.


A hose film is versatile

Our Hose is food -safe and therefore suitable for any desired content.

The Hose is weldable and thus protects protection with individual dimensions to match the respective requirement in the required length. This also makes the hose film attractive from an ecological point of view.

We lead Hose in 50µ or in extrast 100µ and in different widths.

Dimensions: width, length in meters (LFM)