Collection: DOYBAGS - the exclusive packaging pouch

DOYBAGS are now known from all areas and not without reason. You will find a large selection of different stand-up pouches here with us.

Due to its versatility, the DOYBAGS has established itself in many areas and has proven itself.
Whether in the area of ​​food such as spices or tea, whether for sports nutrition, dietary supplements or even pet food - a DOYBAGS is the perfect packaging bag when it comes to the exclusive and practical presentation of your contents.

DOYBAGS are convenient to use

The integrated stand-up base opens during filling, so that your DOYBAGS finds an elegant and presentable place on any shelf.

Our DOYBAGS can be sealed after filling, so that your customer receives a tamper-proof guarantee.

The integrated tear notches make it easier to open for the first time - once opened, the DOYBAGS can be closed as often as you like thanks to the integrated pressure lock and the contents remain protected.

Individuality with DOYBAGS

You will find a large selection of different DOYBAGS  each in different dimensions. If the dimensions you require are not in stock, we will be happy to have them custom-made for you. If you would like your printed image on one of our bags, we are also here at your disposal.