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Stand-up pouch kraft paper black with window

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Stand-up pouches in kraft paper with a practical white window

Material: Black kraft paper 50gr / PET12 / CPP40
with a wide viewing window
food safe
Tear notch for easy opening
integrated pressure lock
STAND-UP POUCH Kraft paper with window as perfect packaging in white

With a STAND-UP BAG with a viewing window, you get the perfect packaging for food, which should be presented to the customer in an attractive way.

Thanks to the cleverly integrated bottom, the STAND-UP BAG with viewing window opens automatically during filling and presents your products in an attractive and elegant way.

STAND-UP BAGS with a viewing window can be welded, giving the end user a tamper-proof guarantee. The closed bag is very easy to open thanks to the practical tear notch and can also be closed again thanks to the integrated pressure lock.