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Filling - pulling - done. If you want to protect your content and easily pick it off

Cordel tug bags protect and make use of particularly easy

Thanks to the cleverly integrated white cotton cord, our Cord Open, close and also attach it to it in the simplest way.

Cordeler tension bag from Beutel-Shop24

Cordel pull bags are extremely versatile

Our is also ours Cord Ideally suited because this bag is food.

So this isCord Both for stowing individual parts, as well as for packaging foods, such as confectionery at the kiosk Oä. best for.

A Cord can be opened and closed in a simple manner. Hence ours Cord Particularly suitable for adapting, changing, changing or removing the content individually, without destroying the packaging bag.

Cord are reusable and, thanks to the integrated, extremely tear -resistant cotton cord, can also be attached / hanged on it.


FAQ to the cord struggle bag

What are cord struggle bags and what are they used for?

Cordeler tract bags are packaging bags with an integrated cotton cord that enables the bag to open and close the bag as often as you like. Cordel tissue bags are ideal for protecting and storing individual parts. Due to the food -safe quality, cord struggle bags are also very suitable for food such as confectionery.


What are the advantages of Cordeleine bags compared to other packaging bags?

Cordelabin bags offer safe protection for the content and enable particularly practical handling, as they can be opened and closed at the same time. Due to the integrated cord, the filled bags can also be easily hanged.


Are you suitable for food for food?

Yes, our cord struggle bags are also made of food -safe materials and are therefore also suitable for filling with food. These packaging bags are often used for packaging confectionery.


How do I close a cord strap bag?

The integrated cotton cord is integrated into the packaging bag in such a way that a train at both ends is sufficient to secure the bag safely. To prevent unintentional opening, a knot can be made into the cord after closing.