Collection: ZIP-LOCK BAGS - available from small to large

PRESSURE SEAL BAGS (also known as slide seal bags or quick seal bags) are available directly from wholesalers in many variants and dimensions from small to large and of course food safe.

  • our PRESSLOCK BAGS are food safe
  • resealable as often as you like
  • flexible and tear-resistant
  • large selection of PRESSLOCK BAGS directly from large warehouse
  • 50µ or 90µ
  • transparent, with labeling strips or with Euro perforation

PRESSLOCK BAGS - small to large from specialist dealers

Our PRESSLOCK BAGS are ideal for every application. Whether in the trade, in shipping or in the food sector - thanks to the integrated pressure seal, this bag is not only suitable for packaging smaller parts; You can get our ziplock bags in a very large selection of dimensions, even for large contents that need to be protected, stored or picked. Our PRESSLOCK BAGS are also ideal for storing liquids on airplanes.

The standard version of our ziplock bags is transparent, you can also get ziplock bags with euro holes for presenting on shelves, and you can also find ziplock bags with labeling strips.