Collection: Pressure locking bag

If you want it to be re -lockable - how you can pick up every content very easily with a pressure lock bag and present it in an appealing manner

Pressure locking bag, also known as a sliding lock bag or quick lock bag, are absolutely food -safe

Are you looking for the right packaging, for example to always have small parts at hand, easy to portion / pick and reuse? Pressure locking bag You can get here in the appropriate variations.

  • our Pressure locking bag Are foods
  • Any closable as required
  • Flexible and tearproof
  • Large selection of Print lock bag directly from the large camp
  • You can find pressure lock bags in 50µ or 90µ
  • Transparent, with labeling strip or with Eurolochung
  • also also available: From biodegradable pressure lock bag

A large selection of dimensions is constantly available thanks to the large warehouse. From 35x55 to 500x600mm, everything is included, such as 40x60, 60x80, 70x100, 100x150, to name the most common dimensions of pressure lock bags.

In the craft, shipping or food sector - our pressure lock bags are the ideal all -rounders

Pressure locking bag are the perfect solution for everyone who is looking for a versatile and at the same time practical packaging bag. Thanks to the integrated Print lock The bags are not only suitable for secure packaging of smaller parts, but also for the storage of food. The bags are available in a large variety of sizes and versions and thus offer the right solution for every area of ​​application. Pressure lock bag from small to extra large is bought in specialist shops.

Whether in craft, shipping or in the food sector - Pressure locking bag are the ideal all -rounders.

Dimensions information: width x height
Pure content plus the flag above the closure


FAQ pressure lock bag

What are the advantages of recoverable print lock bag?

Pressure lock bag, also called recoverable sliding lock bag, zip bags or quick lock bag, have a lot of advantages.
Pressure lock bags are impermeable, airtight and can be opened and closed again and again, or that the closure suffers. This makes pressure lock bags ideal for stowing and conveying objects as well as food.


Are durck closure bags suitable for food?

Yes, pressure lock bags are food -safe. We have this certified by independent laboratories and can therefore also equip a conformity confirmation, which is offered for download on this page (footer area).


In which sizes are the pressure lock bag available?

Print lock bags are available in an extensive range of dimensions. From 35x55mm to 500x600mm, the right bag is included for every need. The sizes 40x60mm, 60x80mm, 70x100mm and 100x150mm are particularly popular. There are also different thicknesses, 50µ and extra -strong 90µ film strength are available.


Are there any pressure lock bags in different materials and designs?

Pressure lock bags are available in the transparent standard version, but also with labeling strips or for easy exhibition with euro hoon.
In addition, we, as one of the first, also have a constantly growing range of biodegradable printing locks.


What is the use of the pressure lock bag for?

Print lock bags are extremely versatile and can be used in many areas of application. Printing lock bags in the craft, shipping, in the textile industry and shipping are particularly common. Whether storing small parts, tools or foods, protection when shipping or packing and presenting goods and food - the pressure lock bag is equally suitable for all areas and is therefore considered an all -rounder of the packaging bags.