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Printing bag PLA - biodegradable

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Breite x Höhe in mm
Die angegebene Abmessung bezieht sich auf den reinen Beutelinhalt, zzgl. der Fahne oberhalb des Druckverschlusses.

- Materialstärke: PLA, 50µ
- Lebensmittelecht (nur für trockene Lebensmittel geeignet)
- biologisch abbaubar
- Transparent (PLA ist milchiger als LDPE)

Any use of compostable alternatives in packaging materialsshows responsibility towards our environment. With biodegradable materials we ensure an environmentally friendly future.

Our Compression bag From Pla are designed so that they can be disposed of together with organic waste in the budget compost.
ENG industrial can be composted and thus represent a sustainable alternative to plastic bags of polyethylene.

What is PLA plastic?

PLA is short for polylactide ACID (colloquially: polymilk acids).
From this, a plastic is manufactured, which is obtained from renewable and natural raw materials (e.g., corn starch).

Due to the process of polymerization in production, it is today possible to produce long-membered molecular chains that have comparable properties such as those made on petroleum base.

PLA is biodegradable and nevertheless has properties that they are of conventional Compression bag know.

Applications of PLA Pressure lock bags

Use our PLA Compression bagFor professional packaging and picking small parts such as e.g.

  • Dry food, eg. Tea, nuts, spices, herbs, cereals and much more.
  • Mounting accessories such as dowels, screws oä.
  • for craft supplies such as buttons, beads or other small parts
  • In the textile area for fashion accessories, replacement buttons, buckles oä.
  • Cosmetic articles, decorative articles, home improvement, model making parts
  • And much more...

Our PLA Compression bagAre tear-resistant, stable and protect their content from external influences such as e.g. Dust and dirt.

Our PLACompression bagAre food safe.

Please note that PLACompression baghave a slightly milky look and are only suitable for packaging dry content.