Collection: Biodegradable packaging bags made of PLA

Biodegradable materials - a challenge we gladly accept.

A biodegradable bag must of course meet various requirements.
Stability, transparency and of course biodegradability - just to name a few.

Our bags are made of PLA plastic and undergo many tests and certifications to meet all the requirements.

In this area, too, we are constantly working on expanding our selection of biodegradable quality bags and adapting them to your needs.

In the 1st quarter we will expand our offer for you.
Ziplock bags are biodegradable - the last tests and laboratory evaluations are currently taking place, so that we will soon be able to expand our range again for you.

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PLA falls under the category of synthetic polymers because the substance is man-made in the laboratory. Unlike conventional plastic, PLA is considered a so-called "bio-plastic" because it is made from renewable raw materials: PLA consists of corn starch and lactic acid and thus meets the criterion of renewable biomass. The manufactured molecular structure of PLA is biodegradable and compostable.