Collection: Biologically degradable packaging bag from PLA

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Biologically degradable materials - a challenge that we like to face.

A biodegradable bag Of course, various requirements have to meet.
Stability, transparency and of course biological degradation - to name just a few.

Our bags are made from PLA plastic and go through many tests and certifications in order to meet all the requirements.

We are constantly working on our selection in this area biodegradable quality bags to expand and adapt their needs.


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PLA falls under the category of synthetic polymers because the fabric is artificially produced in the laboratory. Unlike conventional plastic, PLA is considered a so-called "organic plastic" because it is manufactured on the basis of renewable raw materials: PLA consists of corn starch and lactic acid and thus fulfills the criterion of renewable biomass. The pla molecular structure manufactured is biodegradable and compostable.