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Pressure lock bag Extra -strong 90µ with euro bundle

Pressure lock bag Extra -strong 90µ with euro bundle


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Breite x Höhe in mm
Die angegebene Abmessung bezieht sich auf den reinen Beutelinhalt, zzgl. der Fahne oberhalb des Druckverschlusses.

- Materialstärke: LDPE, extrastarke 90µ
- Lebensmittelecht
- Transparent mit Eurolochung
- mit LDPE-Logo in der Fahne

Pressure locking bag Extra -strong 90µ
With Eurolochung for the simple presentation on shelves.

  • our Pressure locking bag Are foods
  • Any closable as required
  • Many dimensions directly from warehouse
  • Extra -strong 90µ
  • Pressure lock bag with eurolochung


Pressure locking bag 

(also known as a zip bag, sliding lock bag or quick lock bag)

Our Pressure locking bag are ideal for every scope. Whether in the handicraft, in shipping or in the food sector - due to the integrated printing cap, this bag is not only suitable for packaging smaller parts; You get ours Pressure locking bag In a very large selection of dimensions, also for large content that is to be protected, kept or picked up.

Our Pressure locking bag Receive you here with Eurolochung for simple and practical presentation on shelves, alternatively you will find us Pressure locking bag With labeling or Pressure locking bag in the transparent standard version.

The specified dimensions (width x height) refers to the pure bag content, plus the flag above the pressure closure.
This flag is also the Euroloch punch and the LDPE logo.




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