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OPP side fold bag with seal seam, 30my

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Opp-side wrinkle bag with sealed seamare guaranteed tight

  • Grocery
  • 30μ bag thickness
  • Flexible when filling
  • Highly transparent and unprinted
  • Material: opp
  • by sealing absolutely dense

Sidebird bag Are not glued but have a sealing seam. Thus, ours are Sidebird bag Absolutely dense and therefore ideally suited for finely ground content.

Self-evident Sidebird bag With sealed seam of Beutel-Shop24 food safe and thus best for e.g. Tea, spices and much more. suitable.

OPP side fold bag with sealed seam can be easily filled 

Through the skillful construction of ourSide fold bag with sealed seam The bag volume unfolds flexibly to the filling content. After filling can be the Sidebird bag Winder, or e.g. just close with our U-clips.

Since in our Sidebird bag No adhesive is used, an absolute food fastness is guaranteed.