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Opp side lines with a seal seam, 30My

Opp side lines with a seal seam, 30My


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Opp side lines with a sealing seam are guaranteed tight

  • Grocery
  • 30µ bag strength
  • Flexible when filling
  • Highly transparent and unexpected
  • Material: Opp
  • Absolutely densely densely by seal seam

Sidewall Are not glued but have a seal seam. So are ours Sidewall Absolutely tight and therefore ideal for finely ground content.

Of course are Sidewall With a seal seam from Beutel-Shop24 Food-Law and therefore perfect for, e.g. tea, spices and much more. suitable.

Opp side lines with a sealing seam can be easily filled 

By the clever structure of ourSide fold bags with a sealing seam If the bag volume unfolds flexibly to the filling content. After filling, the Sidewall Simply close, or simply close it with our U-clips.

Since in our Sidewall No adhesive is used, absolute food levels are guaranteed.

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