Blockbodenbeutel für Tee, Gewürze und Pralinen: Vielseitig einsetzbar für verschiedenste Lebensmittel

Block floor bags for tea, spices and chocolates: versatile for a wide variety of foods

Block flooring are a practical and attractive solution for packaging products of all kinds. These bags have a solid floor that gives them a stable shape and stability. This makes them particularly suitable for products that have to stand upright, such as sweets, snacks or tea and spices.

Block flooring are available in different materials and designs. A popular choice is the highly transparent OPP plastic because the content remains clearly visible. This variant is particularly suitable for chocolates and baked goods. High -quality versions, such as those used in our shop, are made with a seal seam. This ensures an absolute density (crumbs). The fact that no glue does not only have to be used is the environment, but also excludes that, for example, adhesive residues or damps emerge and contaminate the valuable content.

Another option are Block flooring From sodon paper that represent a more environmentally friendly alternative. These bags are available with and without a viewing window, depending on whether the content should be visible or not. Sodon paper is biodegradable and can therefore be easily disposed of without strain on the environment.

For particularly aroma -protecting applications, there are Block flooring also in multi -layer execution. These bags consist of several layers of material that ensure that the content stays fresh longer and keeps its aroma. These bags are available in different colors, so that they can easily be adapted to the corporate design of a company.

Overall offer Block flooring A diverse and flexible solution for packing products. Due to their stable shape and different materials and versions, they are suitable for many applications and offer an attractive appearance for every product.

Block floor bags can be sealed particularly easily and appealingly with U-clips or clip straps, which can be found under accessories in our shop.

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