Welchen Verpackungsbeutel verwenden?

Which packaging bags use?

Small or large packaging bag - Flat bag or Pressure locking bag, food -safe or particularly stable as an industrial packaging - the selection of packaging bags is huge.

Buy a large selection of packaging bags directly from the specialist dealer

Food -like packaging bags

Our bags are made of food -like polyethylene. Therefore, our bags are suitable for both practical packaging from small industrial parts and the appealing presentation of your food.

In the industrial and textile sector, ours are above all Pressure locking bag very popular. This is obtained in different versions and numerous dimensions, so that the right one for every area Pressure locking bag is there. Our large selection is just as much in demand here Flat bag And the hose film.

In the area of ​​food packaging, ours often come Block flooring and Crossbod Use because they present their goods particularly appealing. Also the Pointed bags are very popular, you know them from packing confectionery.
For finely ground, you should have ours Floor bag And watch coffee bags, these are ideal for spices, coffee or tea, but also for any other foods.

Packaging bags and the environment

The desire for environmentally friendly packaging is becoming more and more concrete and that is a good thing.

For some time now we have been working closely with our manufacturers on biodegradable bags and can also offer the first bags here after successful certification in our shop. You can already get, for example Floor bag From biodegradable PLA plastic (see separate blog post).
We continuously expand our range of biodegradable packaging bags and some other products are located here in the final phase - you will also find Pressure locking bag With these properties.

But our conventional packaging bags are also completely recyclable with correct disposal. We also offer a very high quality of our bags, so that they can of course also be used several times. For example, our Pressure locking bag Due to their high quality, open and close as often as possible and can therefore be used several times.

Versatile scope of packaging bags

Whether it is the replacement button for your textile goods, the instructions for the household appliance, whether it is Pressure locking bag or Pull locking bag (also Sliding lock bag or Rapid locking bag named) for picking and protected camps of your screws, rubber rings or whether you are shapely your spices or tea in one Block flooring or Crossbod Want to present - you will receive the right packaging bag for every area of ​​application.

If you are unsure which bag is the right one for your purpose, please contact us. We are also happy to help if you need individual dimensions or need your logo or print image on your packaging bag.

Close the packaging bag

While a Pressure locking bag or eg our Floor bag have an integrated pressure closure, other bags are open on the fill side.

For this you will find suitable ones in our shop under accessories U-clipse and Clip band closures In different versions, which is perfect for e.g. Crossbod and Block flooring, or ours Pointed bags suitable. Furthermore, our packaging bags can be welded, so that, for example, a Flat bag is closed after filling.

Individual packaging bag - not off the shelf

If you need individual dimensions or your logo / print image on the Pressure locking bag, Floor bag etc. Wish, so please contact us. In close cooperation with the manufacturers, we organize your individual packaging bag for you. Please note the longer delivery time and a minimum acceptance quantity, which the manufacturer is specified individually depending on the specific request.

Which packaging bags are there?

We are a wholesaler for packaging bags and offer you a wide range of all possible bag variants. Thanks to the large warehouse, we can offer the fastest possible shipping - we often send intermediate sales on the same day of your order delivery (depending on the order input).

In our range you will find e.g.

and much more.

Why the packaging bag should be purchased in specialist shops.

You will find some providers of packaging bags of different types.

However, it is not uncommon for the goods to be resold by several intermediate dealers, so that low quality is sold here in order to be able to keep up in terms of price.
Likewise, the variety of the bags is often quite limited because the necessary storage options are not given. Or the delivery times are delayed accordingly.

In our packaging bag specialist shop you get a large variety because we can fall back on a large camp. For you, this not only means quick availability, but high quality of the goods, since we can acquire very large quantities at corresponding prices. An advantage that we would be happy to pass on to you.

We can also implement individual dimensions or print requests through our contacts. Please contact us if necessary.

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