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Block floor bag 3 -layer - the packaging also for finely ground

Block floor bag 3 -layer - the packaging also for finely ground


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Folienaufbau Blockbodenbeutel 3-Lagig:

aussen - Folie OPP
mittig - gebleicht Kraft 80g/m²
innen - Folie PET

Boden (Breite x Tiefe) x Höhe in mm

Selbstverständlich lebensmittelecht

Passende Verschlusclipse unter "Zubehör" erhältlich.

Block floor bags 3-layer are replaced by the height-quality 4-layer bags and are no longer produced.
Please note that the current remaining stock will be sold out shortly.
On request, you will be happy to inform you in advance whether the bag 3-layer you want is still available, otherwise you will be informed in the AB.
Thank you for your understanding.


Fuss 3 -layer - the elegant packaging also for small -painted, as absolutely tight.

Of course we are ours Block floor bag 3-layer Food -safe and therefore also best for content such as tea, spices, coffee or. suitable.


Block floor bag 3-layer - Aroma light thanks to tight -gripped power paper

Through the clipped body ours Block floor bag 3-layer There is a very high aroma career, so that the freshness of your goods is guaranteed for a particularly long time.

Choose the right oneBlock floor bag 3-layer From different colors and dimensions.

Block floor bag 3-layer - Due to the integrated soil, the right choice for presenting your goods.

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