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Block floor bag 3-ply - the packaging also for finely ground

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Folienaufbau Blockbodenbeutel 3-Lagig:

aussen - Folie OPP
mittig - gebleicht Kraft 80g/m²
innen - Folie PET

Boden (Breite x Tiefe) x Höhe in mm

Selbstverständlich lebensmittelecht

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Bucket bag 3-ply - The shapely packaging also for small milled, as absolutely dense. e

Film building Our Block bottom bag 3-ply:

  • Outside - foil opp
  • Center - bleached force 80g / m²
  • Inside - foil pet

Of course, ours are Block floor bag 3-plyFood safe and therefore best for content such as tea, spices, coffee oä. suitable.


Block floor bag 3-ply - Aroma light thanks to engaged kraft paper

Through the bottled body our Block floor bag 3-plyIf a very high aroma array arises, so that the freshness of your goods is guaranteed very long.

Choose the right oneBlock floor bag 3-plyFrom different colors and dimensions.

Block floor bag 3-ply - Through the integrated ground the right choice for presenting your goods.