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Block floor bag soda nature with viewing window

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Breite Boden x Tiefe Boden x Höhe

Außenlage: enggerippt braun Kraft 80 g/m²
Innenlage: OPP-Folie 20 µ

Lichtdurchlässig durch Sichtfenster

passende Clipbänder unter Zubehör erhältlich

Block floor bag soda nature with viewing window - the packaging for food, which should also remain visible in addition to a shapely protection.

  • Grocery
  • Unprinted
  • Outer layer: Engling brown force 80 g / m²
  • Inside: Opp film 20 μ
  • Transparent through viewing window

Our Block bottom bag Natron Nature with viewing window is particularly suitable for food of all kinds, e.g. Tea, spices and much more. To present this in the best possible way.

Of course, ours are Block bottom bag Food law, we provide a conformation declaration here.

Blockbock floor bagWith viewing window - for everything that should be presented in the best light.