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OPP block floor bag with sealed seam 40my

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Hochtransparenter OPP Kunststoff
Wandstärke 40µ
mit Siegelnaht (ohne Kleber verschweißt)

Bodenbreite + Bodentiefe x Beutelhöhe in mm

High-transparent Block bottom bag For the optimal presentation of your filling material

  • Highly transparent - Opp plastic
  • Grocery
  • with sealed seam - not glued
  • unprinted
  • Bag thickness 40μ

Grocery Block bottom bag

For the presentation of your e.g. chocolates, pastries, confectionery and much more. Our food rights are suitableBlock bottom bag optimal.

Our Block bottom bag Welded with a sealing seam, so that no adhesive used in production. Thus, you get an absolutely dense (crumb-tight) Block bottom bagOf course, food safe. A certificate can be found in our declarations of conformity.