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Adhesive closure bag PP self-adhesive

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Breite x Höhe in mm
Die angegebene Abmessung bezieht sich auf den reinen Beutelinhalt, zzgl. der Lasche

- Materialstärke: PP Kunststoff, 50µ
- Lebensmittelecht
- Hoch-Transparent
- mit Luftloch
- abgeschrägte Lasche für einfaches Verschließen

PP Adhesive Clasp Bags Highly transparent With self-adhesive sealing tabs are optimal protection for your documents or greeting cards.

  • With 5mm air hole
  • Highly transparent
  • Unprinted
  • With reversible adhesive cap
  • Grocery

Adhesive clasp bag- The packaging bag with bevelled tab and adhesive strips.

A Adhesive clasp bagis ideal for protection of e.g. Cards, documents or your brochures. From highly transparent PP plastic.

The content of a Adhesive clasp bagsIf it is securely protected after closing and can simply be assessed without damaging or securing the contents. The air hole (5mm) ensures that remaining air or moisture can escape even after the closure.